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 Industrial Crimping Machine
Industrial Crimping Machine

Industrial Crimping Machine 881-03

Product breakdown

This is comprised of a base equipped with a centring device for vials sliding along a column, a bracket equipped with a jack (to raise and to lower) and a jack/tool (crimping), used to adjust height in accordance with the containers in use.
The jack/tool is compatible with all interchangeable settings and crimping standards - diameters of 20, 18, 17, 15, 13, 11 and 9 mm.


Once you have made the initial adjustments to the height of the bracket and centred the container, position a container equipped with a valve or a pump requiring crimping on the lifting platform.
Lower the platform control lever.
Once this has been brought to its lowest position, the crimping grip will automatically close.
Lifting the control lever will automatically open the crimping grip, releasing the crimped container.


Height: 1020 mm max
Width: 250 mm
Length: 350 mm
Weight: 28 kg

Technical characteristics

Component capacity:
Diameter of : 20 to 140 mm
Height: 60 to 350 mm (or higher on request)
Compressed air: between 7 and 9 bars
Air consumption: 0.4 litres per crimp
Hourly rate: more than 1,800 crimps


This machine can be fastened to any table using the four 9 mm diameter holes in the base.


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